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So a couple days ago I got my hands on the PS3 demo for Naruto.

The game looks and feels better then the Xbox 360’s Naruto game version.
There really wasn’t much game play on the demo
you can choose between to characters Naruto and  Kakashi
Naruto has squad 7 with him Sasuke & Sakura, Kakashi you get Guy.

The fighting system seems to works very easy, the problem I can see with this is it’s going to get boring pretty quick, considering every special is very easy to do basically two button are used for combo’s and special moves.

The way your team mates work is you can call them in with the left or right triger they’ll come in and do a little special move, also sometimes when you get knocked back they will save you, I thought that was a nice touch.

but for all you Naruto fans you can’t pass this game up even know we all know the story, it’s still fun to play through..

I don’t care how bad they make these games I’m GONNA PLAY EM.

With that said I’m really hoping the guys making the Broken bonds version for Xbox take some notes and improve.

By the way the specials are F#*ck!ng AWESOME watch for your self below



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So I just got my hands on the Naruto The Broken Bonds Video (Hellz Yeah!!)

It’s finally been confirmed at E3,
Naruto is coming back to the Xbox 360 for round two in November BELIEVE IT!!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

The story line for Naruto Broken Bond picks up after the attack on the Leaf village at the Chunin examine.
So that means Naruto will have to learn the Resengan jutsu which his father the fourth hokage mastered.
Find Lady Tsunade to replace the death of the third hokage and fight Kabuto.
fight Sasuke in the leaf village, after that Sasuke will desert the village.
form squad with shikamaro, Kiba, Neji and chouji to seek out Sasuke.
Chase Saskue down while running into orochimaru’s Jounin Jiroubou, Kimimaro, Kidoumaru, Sakon, Ukon and Tayuya.

Then I’m sure it will end with the big fight with Sasuke.

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