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Microsoft has recently announced that their PC Games for Windows Live service is now a free service! This seems to be a move to stay in competetion with Valve’s Steam service. Hopefully this can also carry over to the Xbox 360 gaming console, if the Playstation 3 online service can bring enough competition. This is certainly a move in the right direction for Microsoft. Here are the details from the Game for Windows website.


Free multiplayer is just the beginning.

Introducing Games for Windows – LIVE, the free gaming service built for Windows that makes great Windows games even better.  With Games for Windows – LIVE, you get an online identity – called a gamertag – and a friends list that works across multiple games, the XBOX 360, and even the Zune music service.  You can easily find and communicate with your friends online with text and voice chat.  Earn achievements and Gamerscore that lets you track and compare your accomplishments. 

Play multiplayer games with your friends, or play against new opponents online using our exclusive TrueSkill™  matchmaking system – with other Windows® players or with or against XBOX 360 players (in supported games.)

All of this is possible today – and at no charge.

And it gets even better.

Every Games for Windows- LIVE game carries the Games for Windows branding, which means they meet standards for quality, consistency, safety, and ease of play.  Games for Windows games are tested to support wide-screen monitors, 64-bit operating systems, parental controls, and, in appropriate games, the Xbox 360 Controller for Windows.

Games for Windows – LIVE lets you add achievements and gamerscore earned in Windows games to your XBOX LIVE account. You can also chat and message your friends on LIVE, regardless of the platform.

The stability and functionality of the Xbox LIVE service provides Games for Windows – LIVE players with a constant, feature-rich platform that already supports a community of over 12 million gamers.  Come join the fun!

And – Games for Windows – LIVE will soon be the best place to download additional content for your favorite games, from game trailers to playable demos to new maps and levels.  Extending your game experience will be easy with Games for Windows – LIVE.

To sum it up:

• Games for Windows – LIVE makes great Windows games even better, now offering completely free online multiplayer including TrueSkill™ matchmaking

• 1 gamertag, 1 friends list, 1 list of achievements and gamerscore for your Windows-based PC & Xbox 360
• Experience cross-platform gameplay with Universe at War, Lost Planet: Colonies, Shadowrun, and more.
• Games for Windows – LIVE is available in every country and region supported today by Xbox LIVE®

Source: http://www.gamesforwindows.com/en-US/Live/Pages/AboutLive.aspx

– Wolfmeister


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To celebrate Fourth of July, and perhaps move a few more Guitar Hero IIIs, Activision is giving away the Top Gun Anthem song via the Playstation Store and Xbox Live starting this Thursday.

This songs makes me wanna get out my crotch rocket and race jets down the runway YEAH!!!!


source kotaku.com

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The rumored Xbox 360Spring Update might not have hit yet, but we know something big is in the works for the console’s dashboard.

How big? Well besides the gi-normous list of rumored updates we posted about back in May we’re now hearing from a number of sources that the Live dashboard is going to be getting a second interface option, one that will use the yet-to-be announced motion controller to navigate.

This new user interface, we’ve been told, will recreate the increasingly cluttered dashboard “blade” system in a 3D environment that will be something more akin to the Minority Report than a filing cabinet. The motion controls will allow users to sort of slide through the different levels of this floating menu system.

Sounds like a fantastic idea, if it can be implemented correctly.

Source: http://kotaku.com/5021196/xbox-360-getting-a-3d-dashboard-make+over

With the E3 expo just around the corner on July 15, many recent rumors and speculations have been appearing in recent gaming news regarding what Microsoft may announce to ensure they remain the dominate online community of the three next-gen console platforms. With Sony’s software update to version 2.4 it can now display the XMB bar during gameplay to unify friends and also includes the addition of Game Trophies bringing their online offering closer to he way Xbox 360’s online is currently. With Sony and Nintendo being a free online service compared to Xbox Live Gold Membership which costs $49.99 a year, its easy to understand why so many rumors would start to appear before the big show.

What we do know is that Microsoft has decided to pass on this years spring dashboard update to work toward building a better infrastructure for the future of the service. As an offering of their commitment toward this goal, they have just released the DRM tool. So while this is definitely letting us know that they are making a conscious effort toward improving their service we haven’t heard any official word about any type of major user interface overhaul.

The first rumor was surrounding two images of “My GamerPad”, a new online user interface in which what appeared like a Nintendo Mii and Sony Home hybrid. These images were proved to be photoshopped from images taken from deviantArt. Thankfully this was only a rumor.

This latest rumor about a 3D dashboard interface sounds pretty interesting, but I still hold reservations regarding the supposed motion sensing controller. Hopefully this rumor can bare some truth and we’ll get a glimpse into the future for whats in store as an improvement to the online usability of Xbox Live.

For the fans of Xbox 360 who currently pay the yearly Xbox Live subscription fee, some of us begin to question what we’re actually paying for. As Xbox Live currently has best online community and infrastructure of the big three consoles, Microsoft will have to continue to make strides to continue to improve upon their online service offering to stay a step ahead of Sony and Nintendo playing catch up. As the competition heats up, it will continue to blur the line between having to pay to play online or get the same features for free.

As long as the Xbox 360 division will continue to innovate their online service, I have no problem with continuing to pay for their service. Lets just hope this rumor is true or that we hear more about their plans for the future at E3.

– Wolfmeister

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the highest-rated console fighting game, has returned to the next generation! Sharpen your blades as you relive old grudges against classic adversaries in new high definition graphics. Prove your mettle against the world with a variety of leaderboards spanning every character and mode, or challenge a friend in local-play Versus mode.

*Nineteen playable characters
Eight modes of play:
Leaderboards galore:
High definition support:

Soul Calibur hits Xbox live Wednesday June 2nd for 800 MS points

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